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Mobile Locksmith Glendale AZ. Arizona Locksmith Home Safety Tips Glendale, Phoenix AZ. Mr Lockout provides fast reliable cheap locksmith services for home and office. Also we provide complete reliable locksmithing service for your car and truck including automobile high security locking systems. Most key systems can be made on-site.

We provide new keys, duplicate keys, car remote, transponder keys and more. Your vehicle doors can also be opened quickly by our automotive locksmiths. mobile-locksmith-car-lockoutWhen you’ve been locked out of your car or place of residence our locksmiths will open your door quickly and without damage to your locking mechanism.

If you’ve broken a key inside the door lock we can take care of that as well. Our highly trained team of locksmiths are on call and mobile so we can provide immediate assistance. We will arrive to your location shortly after your call and provide honest solutions to your locksmith needs. As a Mobile Locksmith serving the Glendale AZ area I encounter many unsafe practices that have led to loss and or damage of personal property due to theft and vandalism. So I’ve decided to begin writing about how to hopefully reduce the possibility that your home or local business may be burglarized.

I dread those calls when I have to replace locks in a home that has been a victimized due to a break in, or receive a locksmith call for a vehicle that has been vandalized and the car keys need to be entirely replaced.

There is that awful gut felt feeling when a homeowner or automobile owner comes home and has to deal with the fact that a criminal has violated their safety and completely reduced their peace of mind and sense of security for themselves and especially that of their family. Theft is more than a property issue, it is a Quality of Life Issue. So let’s get “Pro Active” and start making your home and car safer for you and your family.



Police Statistics

Glendale AZ Police report that the majority of home burglary’s and vehicle crimes are by chance and opportunity. These are crimes where criminals see an immediate and easy opportunity and then attempt to quickly capitalize on it for their gain. For example, we’ve all probably heard that when someone goes on a vacation it is wise to stop home deliveries of local newspapers and perhaps even have the Post Office hold on to their mail until they get back. Or at the very least have a family member, close friend, or trusted neighbor pick up your papers and mail deliveries.


American-Flag-City-Hall-Glendale-AZOtherwise some crook comes along sees that you’ve got several newspapers on your lawn or your mailbox is more than full and assumes correctly that you are not home. Then they enter your home through a window or break the lock on your door.. You know the rest of the story. Or they take their time and hot wire the automobile or truck you have left in your carport or garage. They can take their time because they know that probably you aren’t likely to drive up and catch them in the act of stealing your car.

Locksmith Security

There are many lock and security issues that we can discuss from elaborate camera and vehicle alarm security systems to very affordable devices that we can recommend and install at your home or in your car or truck for less than you might expect. These will help keep you and your home safe. Rather than write about these devises in an article where the crooks can read about it and then get around these tactics we invite you to call us and we will gladly speak to you concerning today’s new technology. But this post is more about keeping your home safer when you are away without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Sometimes Simple is Smart, Easy, and usually Affordable! Trash cans left unattended when you are away from home for an extended period of time could be a tip off to uninvited guests that you’re gone and all your personal property is there for them to steal. If a criminal walked or drove through your neighborhood and all your neighbors have their trash cans out on the street for trash pick up and you don’t this may be a clue that they would use to determine that you’re away. Especially if the bad guys go through your area over an extended period of time looking for homes to rob. They notice your cans are not on the street one week and then again the next week. Bingo, they’ve got a potential home to rob.

Check with someone that you trust and ask if they might drop by and place your cans out for pick up but, they must be certain to come back that same night and put your trash cans back off the street. Few things could be worse than having your trash cans sitting out on the curb days on end telling some criminal that you aren’t at home. Be sure this doesn’t happen to you! It is critical that you never leave your trash cans out when you are gone from home. This is a sure sign for criminals that you’ve left. If you are unable to have someone take care of your containers then by all means keep them where they would normally be if you were at home.

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Service Areas Glendale AZ and Schedules

Listed below are the scheduled days for trash pick up in the Glendale AZ area. ( Note. This information is valid as of August 2015. Please contact your local Glendale City Government Office for any updates and changes. We give approximate major street areas, your actual location may be slightly different) And obviously we provide Locksmith service the entire Glendale AZ area.


  • Olive Ave from 75th Ave to 43rd Ave
  • Northern Ave from 115th Ave to 43rd Ave
  • Glendale Ave. from 115th Ave to 43rd Ave
  • Bethany Home Rd from Grand Ave to 43rd Ave
  • Camelback Rd from Grand Ave to 43rd Ave


  • Thunderbird Rd from 59th Ave to 51st Ave
  • Cactus Rd from 67th Ave to 51st Ave
  • Peoria Ave from 67th Ave to 43rd Ave
  • Olive Ave from 67th Ave to 43 Ave


  • Pinnacle Peak Rd 75th Ave to 51st Ave
  • Deer Valley Rd 75th Ave to 51st Ave
  • Beardsley Rd from approx. 81st Ave to 51st Ave
  • Union Hills Dr 83rd Ave to 51st Ave


  • Glendale Ave from 115th Ave to 59th Ave
  • Bethany Home Rd from 115th Ave to Grand Ave
  • Camelback Rd from 115th Ave to Grand Ave


  • Union Hills Dr from 83rd Ave to 51st Ave
  • Bell Rd from 83rd Ave to 51st Ave
  • Greenway Rd from approx. 72nd Ave to 51st Ave
  • Thunderbird Rd from 67th Ave to 51st Ave
  • Cactus Rd from 67th Ave to 59th Ave


Mobile Locksmith Glendale AZ

Again, should you need a Mobile Locksmith Serving Glendale AZ area please call us. With our Mobile Locksmith Van we service the entire Glendale area from Pinnacle Peak Rd to Camelback Rd. And 115th Ave to 43rd Ave. So if you need a Reputable Locksmith just contact us online or say into your Smart Phone ” Locksmith Near Me, Mr Lockout!”


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