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Car Vehicle locksmith Phoenix AZ. Just recently, Mr LockOut received a call from a Commercial Vehicle Owner. One of his trucks had been stolen, then thankfully and luckily recovered by the local Police Department. Glendale and Phoenix both rank high in the Nation for Car and Truck theft as we locksmiths are only too familiar with.


Mobile Locksmith Re-keying locks for a commercial truck

We dispatched one of a Mobile Locksmith to the location and spoke with the owner about his needs. We determined that since the thieves had the vehicle and his registration which showed his home address, he should re-key all the door locks and change out the ignition to accept a new key. We do this to help prevent the same bad guys from having easy access to the vehicle and driving off for another joyride. This man was one of the few fortunate ones who are called by the Authorities with the good news that what was lost is now found! We were very pleased to be able to help get him and his crew get safely and quickly back on the road.

Vehicle Door Locks Re-keyed

Our Locksmiths are all mobile so we bring an entire shop directly to your location anywhere in the Metro Phoenix Area and beyond. We were able to re-key all the door locks. We recommend that all locks be replaced or re-keyed whenever an event like this occurs. The time it takes to have your vehicle door locks re-keyed is extensive but the cost is reasonable, especially when considering the cost of replacing the entire truck with all the work related materials and tools contained in it.

Ignition Lock Re-keyed

One of the most reliable safety tips to prevent vehicle theft such as this, is of course, to park in a well lit area. But even then things happen. The next thing to do is to replace or re-key. With the door locks re-keyed the next step was to have the ignition lock re-keyed. This is cheaper than changing out the old ignition system. It is a procedure that is rapidly accomplished when done by an experienced locksmith such as Dave from Mr LockOut.

Locksmith Vehicle Car Truck Automotive Phoenix AZ

We strongly advise anyone and everyone to consider the following options. When you have purchased a used vehicle even from a reputable dealer think about changing out all your locks. This may not be necessary in each and every instance but, how do you know for sure? We never know who drove it before we owned it, and no can be certain extra sets of keys weren’t made and stored away for the possibility of a future theft. Personally we believe in the above case an employee or former employee that had access or had previous access were responsible for this incident. But this is only a hunch.

We have numerous devices available to help you stop something bad before it happens. Feel free to give us a call. We will gladly provide you with the expert advice you need to keep your business and your equipment safe and secure.

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