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Locksmith calls in Glendale AZ about Car and Vehicle theft are continually on the rise. Automobile crimes are increasing in an alarming state nowadays in our city with reports into our locksmith office for assistance and advice. Today auto thieves and even simple vandals are able to even bypass a very effective security system that has been factory installed.

There are probably over 100,000 cars and trucks in the city of Glendale AZ right now, so the question is why don’t those other cars and trucks get stolen? This could be due to the fact that thieves of today can actually choose their victim, no longer is car theft a crime of opportunity. If your vehicle’s make and model attracts them, then most likely the car would be a prime target to be stolen. That is, If you make it easy for them to do so. However, if you discourage them in advance and let them think that it would take a long time and require a lot of risks to steal your car, then they wouldn’t attempt to snatch your vehicle in the beginning. Here are several common sense tips that you can use for your vehicles security.

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Glendale Locksmiths report that it isn’t only luxury cars being stolen

Today more and more Glendale Locksmiths report that it isn’t only luxury cars being stolen.They say, the more you have then the more you need. This is especially true when it comes to cars. For today the cost of buying even the most basic vehicle does not end with the purchase. You may want to purchase on-the-edge security system, GPRS locators, wheel locks, break locks, engine emergency mileage capping system and many other gadgets for your vehicle’s security purposes can be very effective. You may also want to provide top security when it comes to parking your car. If you can’t afford to buy all of these things, then don’t buy a luxury car or any car that is flashy. Your car wouldn’t even last for a year if it attracts too many thieves yet you can’t provide the right security for it. So use your common sense before you purchase a vehicle. Think whether or not you can spend a lot for its security. No longer do the residents of Glendale merely need to consider what type of insurance they need, we need to be pro-active concerning the security of our automobiles.

Be Sure To Post Alarm Stickers In Your Window

Having an alarm for your car is not enough. Warn possible Glendale car thieves that your car has an alarm system and put stickers of it in your car windows. Remember that thieves would look for cars that are easy to steal. If they know beforehand that your car is equipped with an alarm system, then they would not choose your car as a first resort. Don’t post the kind of security system that you use because this can attract them especially if they know very well the alarm system that you are using. Just warn them that you have a security system, but never tell them what kind of security you have. This will drive them off as early as possible.

Have An Effective Alarm System

Alarm SystemHaving an effective alarm system is very important for a car. Pick an alarm that sounds really loud so that they would be discouraged to even pick your lock or break your windows. Thieves would always try to bump on your car “accidentally” to evaluate your alarm system. They would try to activate your alarm always to annoy you and make you turn off your alarm. If you have unusually frequent false alarm instances in your car, do not turn your alarm off. This can be a modus of the car thief.

Lock Your Car Always

This is the most common and basic security tip. However, a lot are still forgetting this security measure. Be sure to lock your car always even if you are at home. This can discourage thieves and also provide a first layer for your car security. Also, don’t leave your keys in the ignition. A key in the ignition slot can attract thieves so be sure to eliminate the habit of leaving your keys there. Also, don’t leave valuable things inside your car where it can be seen by passersby. Lock your things somewhere so as not to attract car thieves.

Park Smartly

Low Ligh tParkingPark your cars smartly. Invest in a well secured garage at home or park in well secured parking spaces. If you have to park in the street, do it in well lighted areas facing the highway or near banks where police visibility is high. Doing this can discourage thieves from even risking themselves for your car. When parking in parking lots, purchase two parking spaces. Turn your wheel at its limit and park your car diagonally. This will make it harder for thieves to maneuver your car or tow it, hence, discouraging them from even attempting to steal your car.