Commercial Locksmith Services Phoenix AZ

Commercial Locksmith Services Phoenix AZ. Commercial locksmith services for your office or local business. Our professional team of Master Locksmiths assist many Metro Area real estate agents and property management companies in Phoenix & surrounding cities. Our experience is unsurpassed and our pricing is highly competitive. Our reliability is second to none. When you require a licensed bonded professional call Mr LockOut. Both you and we, will be pleased that you did! Be assured that when you call you will be speaking directly to the owner located here in The Valley, not a call center somewhere else in the Nation. So if you are searching for ” locksmith near me ” call us. Needina an Affordable Cheap Locksmith? Call Today!

Commercial Locksmith Services Phoenix AZ

(Note.. These are only the most frequently sought after services. Should you require something not listed below call. We Will Help)
  • High Security
  • Panic Bars and emergency exit devices re-keyed, repaired and installed
  • Commercial Grade deadbolts, lever handles and  doorknobs available
  • Locks repaired or replaced
  • Do Not Duplicate keys can be made on-site
  • File cabinet keys made
  • Mailbox locks installed
  • We can make keys for portable safes that are key operated.
  • Door locks re-keyed
  • Pick-proof locks and bump-proof pins.
  • Master key locking system.
  • Key-less entry deadbolts installed

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Serious Commercial Locksmith Services Phoenix AZ


High Security Locks

Today’s business owner well knows and understands the additional need for security. We provide high security devices for a wide variety of business needs. From simple mechanical key lock dead bolts to advanced high security radio frequency and infrared security locking devices.

Panic Bars and Emergency Exit Devices.

These security systems offer you and anyone inside your business the assurance that in the event of an extreme emergency they can exit your facility as rapidly as possible. We offer re-keying or repair options for any existing devices as well as installation of new devices as desired.

Commercial Grade deadbolts, lever handles and  doorknobs available.

Every business has entryways. We provide repair, re-keying, or new installation of dead bolts, multiple types and grades of door knobs and easy to use door/lever handles.

Locks Repaired or Replaced.

Whenever possible you may want to keep the existing locks that you currently have. This is advisable and desirable as it will probably save you money. Mr LockOut has the experience and expertise to repair your existing equipment. If necessary though we can replace any current lock with the same type, a similar type or add additional security  features as you require.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

Do you have locks that need to be accessed by additional 2nd parties? We recommend keys that are stamped with “Do Not Duplicate.” This assures you that whoever has that particular key will not easily be able to make a copy and keep it. We have the experience and equipment to fashion “Do Not Duplicate” keys onsite.

File Cabinet Keys

Even with the use of computer systems most businesses still have the need for filing cabinets. We provide filing cabinet keys for you, again onsite.

Mailbox Locks

We are licensed and bonded locksmiths. This means that we are able to install or change out your mailbox entryway and keys. Safely.

Portable Safes

Whenever valuables are stored at your place of business you may have a safe. Additional duplicate keys may be needed by you for your employees.We can make these at your location for any size portable safe that is key entry operated.

Door locks re-keyed

How many employees do you know that have keys to your business? Re-Keying utilizes your existing lock to work with a different key. Most locks can be keyed the same so you’ll have just one key that works all your locks. Re-keying is a very cost-effective solution, saving you additional money.

Pick-proof locks and bump-proof pins.

Security is a concern. Pick-proof locks are available for your business as well as Bump-proof pins. We can explain the value of these to you and provide installation if and when you desire.

Master Key Lock System

We can build you a Master key lock system. Custom designed for your business and security needs.

Key-less entry deadbolts installed

You can have us professionally install a keypad security locking that accepts either a 4 or 8 pin code that you can reset and program yourself.

Commercial Locksmith Services Phoenix AZ

Whatever your business or personal locksmith needs may be, Mr LockOut AZ is here to help provide your with the safety and security that you require. In our day and age you need a professional reliable company that you can depend on. We’ve been serving the greater Phoenix AZ area for many years now, our BBB rating can’t be beat and our reviews are outstanding. Please if you’ve used our company in the past and you have the opportunity, consider giving us your honest review. It will be greatly appreciated by us! Thank you in advance.